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Cyprus Republic

President of the House

President:  Demetris SYLLOURIS



(Rule 8 of the Rules of Procedure of the House of Representatives)


(1). The President shall perform the functions assigned to him by the Constitution, the Rules of Procedure of the House and the Laws.

(2). The President -

(a)shall keep the order during the sittings of the House, shall ensure compliance with the rules of procedure, shall conduct the proceedings in the Ηouse in accordance with the Rules of Procedure, shall put the matters under debate to the vote, shall announce the results of the voting, shall express the feelings of the House and, generally, shall see that the deliberations of the House are smoothly carried out;

(b)shall speak from his chair when the subject of the debate is related to the Rules of Procedure, or in order to explain where the matter under debate stands, or to provide the necessary information, or to ask a speaker to keep to the subject under debate or to call to order those deviating from the Rules;

(c)shall appoint and exercise supervision over the Clerks and Administrative Clerks in the performance of their functions;

(d)shall be the Head of the Office of the House and shall order payments as in the budget of the House provided;

(e)shall represent the House at official manifestations held within and outside the building of the House and at official ceremonies and receptions, either when the House is in session or after the end of the session;

(f)shall address, on behalf of the House, the President of the Republic and other Officers of the State.



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